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Patents, Inventions, and Technology Protection

Our attorneys have written and/or prosecuted patent applications in a wide array of industries and technologies, including electrical, biotechnology, chemistry, mechanical devices, hardware and software, business methods, telecommunications, Internet technologies, medical devices, optics, semiconductors, and other areas. To ensure that our clients’ patents receive appropriate protection, we offer comprehensive services that encompass the entire patent process, from development and disclosure of the invention, to writing the patent application, to prosecuting the application in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and foreign patent offices, as well as maintaining any patents that issue or register.  We work with clients to identify the countries where they need to file for protection, depending on the nature of the invention, the particular industry, and the client’s unique needs.  We help our clients to strategically target their patent protection to those countries where they most need the protection.

In order for a patent to provide a meaningful commercial advantage and a resulting return on investment, the scope of the claimed invention must be broad enough to prevent competitors from designing around the patent. Our attorneys provide our clients with tactical and practical advice about the breadth of any claims for which they might obtain patent protection before they invest in obtaining a patent. A first step in assessing the value of any potential patent is conducting a patentability search.  After we have conducted such a search, we use our experience to assess not only whether the invention can be patented, but also the likely breadth – and therefore value – of any potential patent protection.

Protecting inventions involves more than just filing for patents.  Our attorneys also examine our clients’ intellectual property assets to determine whether there are opportunities to make or sell a product or service, as well as opportunities to market a method or process.  We regularly address the competition’s patents and how they affect our clients’ businesses and provide non-infringement and invalidity opinions on patents owned by third parties.  Our attorneys also search the prior art to determine whether there may be existing patents that could affect our clients and their ability to conduct their businesses.

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