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Patent Agent and Scientific Advisor Career Deep-Dive Virtual Workshop

On January 3-6, 2023, Tom Thrash and Valerie Moore, patent agents in the Vorys Houston and Orange County offices, hosted a 4-day, interactive workshop providing an overview of intellectual property law and the patenting process, with focus on patent agent and scientific advisor (SAPA) careers. Participants received an introduction to IP careers, a brief introduction to patent law, and an overview of the patenting process. The workshop provided an intense introduction to claim drafting and patent prosecution, including several interactive breakout sessions. They significantly emphasized some of the writing requirements and deductive reasoning skills utilized in a patent agent’s or scientific advisor’s day-to-day patent practice. Several case studies were presented and discussed.

Participants also had the option to prepare a written response for an Office Action of a published U.S. Patent.

To learn more about Vorys Scientific Advisors/Patent Agents, click here.

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