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Invention Harvesting: How to Identify and Capture Patentable Innovation in the Software Space

Mike Messinger, Laura Geyer and Khaled Shami, partners in the Vorys Washington D.C. office, hosted a webinar which examined how to scope ongoing R&D and flag pertinent intellectual property (IP). The webinar covered what is patentable and how to identify candidate inventions for patent screening review. It also took a look at recent software patent trends and special challenges unique to machine learning (AI/ML), cloud computing, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) inventions.

This webinar also showed how engineers can navigate the patent drafting and examination process for software patent applications. Finally, it examined pitfalls and Do’s and Don'ts for engineers and software companies with respect to discussing a new idea/product and publication as part of an invention harvesting process.

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