Our attorneys understand the complex laws governing copyrights and have the experience and business insight to help our clients.  No matter the situation, we strive to untangle the issues and assist our clients to protect – to the fullest extent – their copyrightable assets and counsel clients so that they may avoid infringement of copyrights held by others. 

Our copyright clients range from artists, authors, musicians and software developers to libraries, publishing houses, Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions.  Our experience covers a spectrum of works including: 

  • Logos and product packaging
  • Software and database compilations
  • Computer graphics
  • Music and other audio recordings
  • Video productions, such as films, online videos, motion pictures and television
  • Architectural designs
  • Publications, such as books and magazines
  • Sculptures and other works of art
  • Fashion and fabric designs
  • Mask works (semiconductor chips)
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Blockchain
  • Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Rights
  • Social media influencers

Copyright Audits

Our attorneys regularly conduct copyright audits that often reveal registration, enforcement and licensing opportunities that can generate revenue streams and open new markets.  Additionally, such audits can reveal means by which to protect against counterfeiters and gray good sellers online and issues with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) relating to circumvention of technological measures to control access to licensed works.

Copyright Litigation

As new technologies develop and the laws governing copyrights continuously evolve, our copyright litigation team vigorously protects our clients’ copyrights and defends them against infringement and other copyright claims in courts at all levels throughout the country.  We are experienced in litigating the nuances of copyright law, including authorship and ownership, infringement, fair use and originality issues.  We have handled matters involving the DMCA and have experience representing digital media service providers in royalty rate-setting proceedings to determine the appropriate licensing rates for the creation and distribution of content.

Copyrights and eCommerce

Copyrights can be a valuable tool in protecting assets sold in emarketplaces.  Our team often assists clients in obtaining copyrights for products that can be an additional tool to remove counterfeit and copycat goods on emarketplaces.

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