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Intelligently Managing Company Patent Spend

Texas Lawyer

Vorys Partners Carey Jordan and Jeremy Harrison co-authored an article for the April 2018 edition of Texas Lawyer titled “Intelligently Managing Company Patent Spend.”   The article focused on the considerable business expense associated with patents and alternative ways of mitigating patent expenses.

The story states:

“Part of an intelligent scalpel approach includes aligning patent and corporate strategies such that they mutually reinforce and support one another. To accomplish this, companies must embrace and utilize data-based objective analyses to align business goals with filing strategies and portfolio management decisions. This has the effect of optimizing the value of the patents procured while at the same time minimizing the costs involved. Companies should also integrate strategic business goal alignment algorithms, comprehensive competitor analytics, and patent strength analytics to build and justify a successful patenting strategy.”

To read the entire article, visit the Texas Lawyer website.

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