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Vorys Partners Quoted in Story on AI and Intellectual Property

Vorys IP Partners Iona Kaiser and Mike Messinger were featured in a NutraIngredients-USA story titled "AI and Intellectual Property: Attorneys Weigh In.”

The story states:

“When it comes to copyright for content generation, the attorneys said they notice people are often end users when it comes to generating images through AI platforms.  If someone is only entering a prompt into AI asking it to create something, they’re not the creative person behind the product.  It’s important to note, they said, that AI itself cannot register a copyright.

‘There’s likely no authorship, there’s likely no inventor-ship, which means there’s no IP.  This means the company doesn’t own the IP that came out of that process,’ Messinger said.

He added that companies still need to make sure that they’ve got the right licenses for those AI tools and should check the indemnifications in the case output is creating some issues.”

The story also states:

“For the public AI model and free tools today such as ChatGPT, anything that’s put into the model becomes a part of the public record.

‘However, ChatGPT is now trying to make some money and they are selling models to individual companies.  When you ask the model questions the (topics) you put into the prompt do not become part of the model itself,” Kaiser said.

This can be important to protect the IP of scientific inventions.  Regardless, the same rules of authorship apply to that setting too.”

To read the entire story on the NutraIngredients-USA website, click here.

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