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Inaugural eControl360 Summit to Address Growing Challenges for Brands in the Amazon Age

The rapid growth of Amazon and other online marketplaces has created a new ecosystem in which brands struggle to control their product sales. Brands now find their products sold by anonymous online sellers and face new challenges on an unprecedented scale. The eControl360 Summit was a first-of-its-kind event that brought together thought leaders in each of the disciplines necessary to tackle these challenges and allow brands to retake control of their online sales.

The summit, which was in Columbus, Ohio on November 6, 2019, included discussion and presentations from distribution and channel management experts; eCommerce and Amazon experts; Vorys eControl attorneys; brand representatives highly experienced in administering MAP policies; sales leaders; in-house brand protection specialists; and more.  Business leaders from several brands that have managed these problems shared case studies and lessons learned as well.

“We created this event to bring together some of the best professionals in the industry to tackle this growing problem,” said Whitney Gibson, partner and chair of Vorys eControl. “Our goal was to create an event where brands and experts can discuss these issues like never before in hopes of driving new paradigms, models and solutions. We believe this is the first time brands, government entities, legal counsel and researchers have come together to openly discuss these issues.”

The summit featured speakers from multiple organizations including Procter & Gamble, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Forrester Research, Bayer, Otter Products, Pattern, Buy Box Experts and others. Attendees learned how the intersection of law, channel management, sales, eCommerce strategy, technology, investigations and other disciplines can be leveraged to drive innovative approaches for online sales control and overall omnichannel health.

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About Vorys eControl: Vorys eControl was founded on this vision: to provide effective, efficient and legally compliant solutions that allow companies to protect and grow their brand value by controlling sales in the age of eCommerce. Today, we represent more than 300 brands, including several of the world’s largest companies. We regularly speak across the country educating companies and service providers regarding innovative solutions to the challenges involved in controlling sales across online and brick-and-mortar channels.

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