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Watkins Quoted in Crain’s Cleveland Business Story Titled “What You Need to Know About Your Intellectual Property”

Mark Watkins, a partner in the Vorys Akron office and a member of the technology and intellectual property group, was quoted in a Crain’s Cleveland Business story titled “What You Need to Know About Your Intellectual Property.”

The story states:

'You should protect against the possibility of 'friendly fire.' Now that the U.S. Patent Office uses a first to file system, it is at least possible that your company's supposed ally (vendor, customer, technology collaborator) can take your technology/improvement (in whole or in part) and include the same in its own confidential patent application without your knowledge. Also, if your company's innovation is not protected by IP, it is possible that your customer could seek other sourcing for a product you created. Don't inadvertently design solutions for others, allowing them to reap benefits or cut you out of future profits.' Mark A. Watkins, patent law partner, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease Akron office"

To read the entire article, visit the Crain’s Cleveland Business website.

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