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Information Technology, New Media and Advertising

Information Technology, New Media and Advertising

Information Technology: Our clients rely on our lawyers to guide them through the strategic planning, contractual negotiations, and compliance issues associated with using technology, advertising, and communications.  Through our media practice, we assist clients with cutting edge approaches to providing software protection, music licensing, website streaming, and agreements for creative work.  We have worked with the key providers in these industries, know the relevant tools and applications, and have helped clients to exploit the innovations driven by the Internet and e-commerce.

We help both emerging start-ups and mature businesses to navigate through the evolving technology trends and terminology, to realize returns on their technology systems and outsourcing investments, and to identify ways to obtain quality development and implementation services.

Our clients acquiring technology products and services range from national retail chains to pre-eminent hospital systems and from financial institutions to manufacturers.  We also represent e-tailers, software vendors, consultants, ISPs, and telecommunications service providers.

New Media: We have assisted our clients in a variety of media, including on-line advertising, advertising networks, mobile applications, commercial pages on social networks, text messaging, commercial use of Twitter and other new media. 

Advertising and Marketing:  We help to police the content of competitors' ads, to craft promotional and marketing materials that meet our clients' goals within the boundaries of the law, and to facilitate the relationship between our clients and their advertising or public relations agencies.  We assist our clients with various types of marketing campaigns, including gift card compliance, loyalty programs, sweepstakes, contests and joint marketing ventures.