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Vorys Launches New Practice to Assist Businesses Being Defamed Online

Helping companies stop internet defamation, false reviews, cyber attacks and other internet-related issues that are increasingly causing damage to businesses’ reputations is the goal of a new practice launched today by Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease.  The firm’s internet defamation practice teams with cyber investigators to take quick and effective actions to stop anonymous defamers and cyber attackers; remove defamatory information from websites and search engines; and seek to recover damages.

 “For years, attorneys have been telling business executives and owners that there was nothing they could do to help.  It was widely believed that because the defamer was ‘anonymous’ and the way the regulations were written, there were no solutions.  That has now changed,” said Whitney Gibson, a member of the firm’s internet defamation practice group.  “We’ve developed a unique and cost-effective practice that has not only allowed us to stop the posting of false information, but also delete the defamation from across the web.”

The Vorys internet defamation team uses a combination of investigative and legal tactics to successfully stop future attacks and get the harmful material – oftentimes blog posts, comments or complete web sites – removed from third-party websites and search engine indices.  Vorys has already successfully represented a variety of businesses seeking assistance.  Some of the team’s recent accomplishments include: 

  • Successfully removing websites with false information about our clients. 
  • Successfully obtaining the identity of anonymous people posting false information about our clients on the internet.
  • Obtaining  court orders that resulted in the removal of false statements from the various websites and search engines.
  • Obtaining temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions ordering defendants to cease making false statements about our clients on the internet.

To learn more about the internet defamation practice, visit  To discuss your businesses’ cyber issue, please contact attorney Whitney Gibson at 513.723.4823 or fill out this form.

About Vorys: Vorys was established in 1909 and has grown to be one of the largest Ohio-based law firms with nearly 375 attorneys in six offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; and Houston, Texas.  Vorys currently ranks as one of the 200 largest law firms in the United States according to American Lawyer magazine.

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