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Privacy & Data Security

Privacy & Data Security

Vorys Cybersecurity Emergency Hotline

Vorys Cybersecurity Emergency Hotline


Growing companies benefit directly from the collection and use of data.  Whether it’s collecting customer information, fine-tuning online advertising, or purchasing new programs to help synthesize the two, Vorys has worked with companies for more than a decade to keep their data safe and abide by constantly-changing domestic and global regulations. Doing so requires attorneys who are familiar with the technology you use, the policies by which you must abide, and the nuances and risks that can cause problems. Vorys regularly navigates these waters, and our team works with companies like yours to ensure you can confidently use data to grow your business.

Privacy of data cannot be ensured without security, and data security is the subject of increased scrutiny from regulators, litigants, industry and boards.  Our attorneys have deep experience in advising a range of clients during all stages of the data lifecycle, including data security breaches, litigation, regulatory investigations, privileged and non-privileged forensic investigations, privacy policies and procedures, cross-border data transfers, employee privacy issues, training programs, compliance audits, commercial transactions, and email and telemarketing regulation.

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