Vorys at Work Podcast

Episode 05

Employment Issues in the Gig Economy 

In the gig economy, workers make their living through irregular short-term assignments, typically on an independent contractor basis. The number of gig employees is steadily increasing and the “gig” business model is growing in the broader business sector. We talk with Vorys attorney Nelson Cary about what legal issues employers should be aware of when using gig workers and other independent contractors. Play episode.

With special guest Nelson Cary.


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Episode 04

Opioids In The Workplace

According to research by the American Psychiatric Association, nearly a third of all Americans say they know someone who is or has been addicted to opioids or prescription painkillers. In this episode of “Vorys at Work,” Jackie Ford talks with Vorys health care lawyer and registered nurse Robin Amicon about the pharmacology of opioid addiction and about testing, training, and accommodation issues for employers dealing with opioid-related issues. Play episode.

With special guest Robin Amicon

Jackie also recently authored an article on this topic for Corporate Counsel titled "America's Opioid Crisis: What Employers and Their Counsel Need to Know"

Episode 03

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

With medical marijuana rapidly becoming legal in many states yet remaining illegal under federal law, it can be difficult for employers to stay up to date. We talk with Vorys attorney Mike Griffaton about what the implications are regarding these laws, how to anticipate their impact, and the steps you should be taking now to adapt your organization to those changes. Play episode.

With special guest Mike Griffaton

Episode 02

Immigration: Employers in the Middle

With U.S. immigration policy changing seemingly every day, and enforcement actions on the rise, employers have been thrown into the middle of one of the most contentious issues in America today. We talk with Vorys immigration attorney Dave Cook about the most serious immigration issues U.S. employers are facing and how best to adapt to them. Play episode.

With special guest Dave Cook


Managing the Me Too Backlash

This episode focuses on the #MeToo movement and the unintended consequences surrounding the phenomena – and specifically the “#MeToo backlash” that has created its own set of potential legal risks. We’ll discuss the forms that backlash is taking and some practical steps for protecting your organization from it. Play episode.

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