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Fall 2021

Development Incentives Quarterly: Fall 2021

Q&A Dean Monske the President and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership

In this edition of Development Incentives Quarterly, we welcome Dean Monske, President and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership (RGP), an award-winning private economic development organization serving the Toledo region and 17 counties of Northwest Ohio.  He is a Toledo/Northwest Ohio native who has been an economic developer for 27 years and has led the RGP for over 10 years. The RGP has won a number of significant projects in recent years, including Peleton’s first U.S. factory.  Dean graciously agreed to spend some time with us this quarter.

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Ohio SB 52 – Local Stakeholders Gain Leverage On Ohio Wind and Solar Projects

In July of this year, Ohio governor Mike DeWine singed Senate Bill 52 (SB 52) into law, which for the first time gives a local board of county commissioners the authority to block the development of large-scale wind and solar facilities in its jurisdiction. 

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To Be or Not To Be -- Texas Chapter 313

Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code is a decades-old law designed to lure companies to Texas with the promise of property tax breaks.  The law is set to expire at the end of 2022, and the Texas Legislature is faced with a choice:  it could either renew the law or allow the law to lapse, permitting any existing Chapter 313 agreements to expire over time.

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About Development Incentives Quarterly: We at Vorys are continually educating ourselves regarding economic development incentives, including tax credit changes and opportunities.  We created the Development Incentives Quarterly to provide you relevant information that you need in the changing landscape of this area.  Our economic development incentives clients include developers, political subdivisions and growing businesses, so you’ll see information from a variety of perspectives. That diverse perspective has allowed us to grow to be one of the largest economic development incentives practices in the state of Ohio. As we’ve grown, we have also expanded our geographic reach and now advise on projects across the country.

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