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Time is Running Out to File Tax Appeals in Nearly 10 States

Taxpayers seeking to contest the values established by the local assessor have a short time to contest their new valuation. This time frame varies by state and by local jurisdiction and in many cases begins to run upon mailing of a new value notice.

State or Jurisdiction Deadline

July through January - within 185 days from the Commitment Date


July 1st or 30 or 60 days after notice; most counties are August & September


August 1st or September 1st for properties not located in Allegheny or Philadelphia Counties: Philadelphia is October 1st

Rhode Island

August - 90 days from tax bills


July 1st  through October 31st -within 30 days of notice; most counties are August 10th


3rd Monday in August (August 19th)


August through September - within 25 days of TRIM notice


September 16th or December 2nd - varies by County


Starting December 1st

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