Generative Artificial Intelligence

At Vorys, our foremost commitment is delivering unparalleled client service.  Throughout our firm’s history, we have consistently integrated technology to enhance our legal practice.  In fact, we have received repeated recognition from independent organizations and our clients alike for our innovative approaches. With the rapid advancement of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), this commitment resonates more strongly now than ever before.

For months, a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and technology professionals has continually evaluated the newest GenAI-supported tools, weighing the potential benefits and risks for our clients.  This team has also established comprehensive standards to govern our firm’s use of GenAI, ensuring the security of our clients’ data and the quality of our legal work.

GenAI platforms have the potential to enhance and streamline our processes, and we acknowledge that their effectiveness may vary depending on the type of law and specific task at hand.  Therefore, each of our practice groups has established AI task forces to assess how GenAI can best support their respective areas of law.

Simultaneously, we are actively engaging with a diverse range of GenAI products and tools.  

Vorys has been an innovative and forward-thinking firm throughout our 115-year history.  As we continue to explore new ways to integrate technology into our practices, we remain steadfast in prioritizing our clients' interests.  We are fully committed to adopting technologies that deliver significant value to our clients while safeguarding their data and information. 

Moving forward, we will regularly update this page with our developments and advancements related to this technology. 

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