Why You Should Talk to your Employees First in a Crisis

Attorneys & Professionals

Rob Phillips, the firm’s senior manager of strategic communications, recently authored an article for PR Daily titled “Why you should talk to your employees first in a crisis.”  The article focused on the importance of including internal communication in your response to crises. 

The article states:

“We too often exclusively focus on the external audience: reporters, customers and other stakeholders. Now, more than ever, we must remember and appreciate our internal audiences. Historically, companies could more easily control a single message. The biggest concern was an ambitious reporter chasing down individual employees who may provide a perspective different than the company line. Reporters now, from the comfort of their own desks, seemingly have access to an entire workforce.”

To read the full article, click here.

Phillips, a non-attorney, leads the strategic communications team at Vorys.  He focuses a portion of his practice on helping firm clients navigate a variety of communications and public relations challenges. He has supported clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, health care, higher education, energy, pharmaceutical and not-for-profits.  Learn more at vorys.com/strategiccommunications.