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Ohio Statehouse Update: Ohio Election Summary 2020

President/Vice President of the United States

While the race for President remains too close to call nationally, as election results in several key states are still pending, in Ohio the unofficial results show that President Donald Trump beat former Vice President Joe Biden by roughly the same eight percentage point margin he carried four years ago against Hillary Clinton - 53-45%.

(Too Close to Call Nationally)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (D)

Donald Trump and Mike Pence (R) 

U.S. House of Representatives (all 16 Districts)

All incumbents won reelection, and Republicans maintained their 12-4 majority of U.S. House seats in Ohio. Republican incumbent Steve Chabot’s 1st Congressional District seat was considered the most vulnerable.

District 1

Kate Schroder (D)
Steve Chabot (R)*
Kevin David Kahn (L)

District 2

Jamie Castle (D)
Brad Wenstrup (R)*

District 3

Joyce Beatty (D)*
Mark Richardson (R)

District 4

Shannon Freshour (D)
Jim Jordan (R)*
Steve Perkins (L)

District 5

Nick Rubando (D)
Bob Latta (R)*

District 6

Shawna Roberts (D)
Bill Johnson (R)*

District 7

Quentin Potter (D)
Bob Gibbs (R)*
Brandon Lape (L)

District 8

Vanessa Enoch (D)
Warren Davidson (R)*

District 9

Marcy Kaptur (D)*
Rob Weber (R)

District 10

Desiree Tims (D)
Michael Turner (R)*

District 11

Marcia Fudge (D)*
Laverne Gore (R)

District 12

Alaina Shearer (D)
Troy Balderson (R)*
John S. Stewart (L)

District 13

Tim Ryan (D)*
Christina Hagan (R)
Michael Fricke (L)

District 14

Hillary O'Connor Mueri (D)
David P. Joyce (R)*

District 15

Joel Newby (D)
Steve Stivers (R)*

District 16

Aaron Paul Godfrey (D)
Anthony Gonzalez (R)*


Ohio Senate (16 Districts)

Ohio Senate Republicans have at least held their supermajority advantage at 24-9, and may have added to that supermajority by one seat pending the final tally in a close race in which incumbent Republican Stephanie Kunze is currently leading by 41 votes. Incumbent Democrat Sean O’Brien appears to have lost a close race against Republican challenger Sandra O’Brien.

District 2

Joel O'Dorislo (D)
Theresa Gavarone (R)*

District 4

Kathy Wyenandt (D)
George F. Lang (R)

District 6

Mark Fogel (D)
Niraj Antani (R)

District 8

Daniel Brown (D)
Louis W. Blessing III (R)*

District 10

Charles Ballard (D)
Robert D. Hackett (R)*

District 12

Ken Poling (D)
Matt Huffman (R)*

District 14

Ryan Ottney (D)
Terry A. Johnson (R)*

District 16

(Too Close to Call)

Crystal Lett (D)
Stephanie L. Kunze (R)*

District 18

Betsy Rader (D)
Jerry Cirino (R)

District 20

Christian N. Johnson (D)
Tim Schaffer (R)*

District 22

Ryan Hunger (D)
Mark Romanchuk (R)

District 24

Tom Jackson (D)
Matt Dolan (R)*

District 26

Craig Swartz (D)
Bill Reineke (R)

District 28

Vernon Sykes (D)*
Michael Downey (R)

District 30

Michael Fletcher (D)
Frank Hoagland (R)*

District 32

Sean J. O'Brien (D)*
Sandra O'Brien (R)


Ohio House of Representatives (all 99 Districts)

Ohio House Republicans appear to have net gained three seats to increase their supermajority to 64-35, despite expectations going into the election that they would lose around three seats. As a side note, ousted former Speaker Larry Householder won his bid for reelection in House District 72, a race in which he was running unopposed on the ballot, facing only write-in candidates.

District 1

Alison Theiss (D)
Scott Wiggam (R)*

District 2

Sam Grady (D)
Marilyn John (R)

District 3 

Laurel Johnson (D)
Haraz N. Ghanbari (R)*

District 4

Bob Cupp (R)*

District 5 

Daniel Winston (D)
Tim Ginter (R)*

District 6 

Phillip Robinson (D)* 
Shay Hawkins (R)

District 7 

Joan T. Sweeny (D)
Thomas F. Patton (R)*

District 8 

Kent Smith (D)*

District 9 

Janine Boyd (D)*
Dustin D. Russell (R)

District 10 

Terrence Upchurch (D)*

District 11

Stephanie Howse (D)*

District 12 

Juanita Brent (D)*
Jerry V. Powell (R)

District 13

Michael J. Skindell (D)*
Daniel Harrington (R)

District 14

Bride Rose Sweeney (D)*
Lynn McMahan (R)

District 15

Jeffrey A. Crossman (D)*
Kevin C. Kussmaul (R)

District 16

Monique Smith (D)
Dave Greenspan (R)*

District 17 

Adam C. Miller (D)* 
Tim D. Haske (R)

District 18 

Kristin Boggs (D)*
Kayla Anne Packard (R)

District 19 

Mary Lightbody (D)* 
Meredith Freedhoff (R)

District 20

Richard Brown (D)*
Chris Baer (R)

District 21 

Beth Liston (D)*
Mehek Cooke (R)

District 22 

David Leland (D)*

District 23

Nancy Day-Achauer (D)
Laura Lanese (R)*

District 24 

Allison Russo (D)*
Pat Manley (R)

District 25 

Dontavius Jarrells (D)
Jim Burgess (R)

District 26 

Erica C. Crawley (D)*

District 27

Sara Bitter (D)
Tom Brinkman Jr. (R)*

District 28 

Jessica E. Miranda (D)* 
Chris Monzel (R)

District 29 

Cindy Abrams (R)*

District 30 

Tom Roll
Bill Seitz (R)*

District 31 

Brigid Kelly (D)*

District 32 

Catherine D. Ingram (D)*

District 33 

Sedrick Denson (D)*
Mary L. Hill (R)

District 34 

Emilia Sykes (D)*
Henry Todd (R)

District 35 

Tavia Galonski (D)*
Jodi Sarver (R)

District 36

Matt Shaughnessy (D)
Bob Young (R)

District 37

Casey Weinstein (D)* 
Beth Bigham (R)

District 38

Joe Campbell (D)
Bill Roemer (R)*

District 39

Willis E. Blackshear, Jr. (D)
John Ferrell Mullins, III (R)

District 40

Leronda Jackson (D)
Phil Plummer (R)*

District 41

Cate Berger (D)
Andrea White (R)

District 42

Tom Young (R)

District 43 

Amy Cox (D)
Rodney Creech (R)

District 44

Paula Hicks-Hudson (D)*
Robert McMahon (R)

District 45

Lisa A. Sobecki (D)*
Shane Logan (R)

District 46

Michael P. Sheehy (D)*
Steven R. Salander (R)

District 47

Nancy Larson (D)
Derek Merrin (R)*

District 48

Scott Oelslager (R)*

District 49

Thomas E. West (D)*
James Haavisto (R)

District 50

Brian K. Simeone (D)
Reggie Stoltzfus (R)

District 51

Sara P. Carruthers (R)*

District 52

Chuck Horn (D)
Jennifer L. Gross (R)

District 53

Michelle E. Novak (D)
Thomas Hall (R)

District 54

Morgan Showen (D)
Paul Zeltwanger (R)*

District 55

Zach Stepp (D)
Gayle Manning (R)*

District 56

Joseph Miller (D)*
Bradley A. Lacko (R)

District 57

Dara Adkison (D)
Dick Stein (R)*

District 58

Michele Lepore Hagan (D)*
David Simon (R)

District 59

Chris Stanley (D)
Al Cutrona (R)*

District 60

Daniel P. Troy (D)
George M. Phillips (R)

District 61

Adam Dudziak (D)
Jamie Callendar (R)*

District 62

Erin Rosiello (D)
Scott Lipps (R)*

District 63

Gil Blair (D)*
Mike Loychik (R)

District 64

Michael J. O'Brien (D)*
Martha Yoder (R)

District 65

Alan Darnowsky (D)
Jean Schmidt (R)

District 66

Adam Bird (R)

District 67

Rachael Morocco (D)
Kris Jordan (R)*

District 68

Steven F. Mount (D)
Rick Carfagna (R)*

District 69

Donna Beheydt (D)
Sharon A. Ray (R)

District 70

Kevin Barnet (D)
Darrell D. Kick (R)*

District 71

Mark Carr (D)
Mark D. Fraizer (R)*

District 72

Larry Householder (R)*

District 73

Kim McCarthy (D) 
Brian Lampton (R)

District 74

Bill Dean (R)*

District 75

Randi Clites (D)*
Gail Pavliga (R)

District 76

Garrett Westhoven (D)
Diane V. Grendell (R)*

District 77

Melissa Wilde (D)
Jeff LaRe (R)*

District 78

Charlotte Owens (D)
Brian S. Stewart (R)

District 79

Cynthia Richards (D)
Kyle Koehler (R)*

District 80

Ted Jones (D)
Jena Powell (R)*

District 81

James Hoops (R)*

District 82

Craig S. Riedel (R)*

District 83

Jon Cross (R)*

District 84

Joseph A. Monbeck (D)
Susan Manchester (R)*

District 85

Nino Vitale (R)*

District 86

Tiffanie Roberts (D)
Tracy Richardson (R)*

District 87

Nicholas Barnes (D)
Riordan T. McClain (R)*

District 88

Chris Liebold (D)
Gary N. Click (R)

District 89

Alexis Miller (D)
D.J. Swearingen (R)*

District 90

Brian Baldridge (R)*

District 91

Scott M. Dailey (D)
Shane Wilkin (R)*

District 92

Beth Workman (D)
Mark Johnson (R)*

District 93

Jason Stephens (R)*

District 94

Katie O'Neill (D)
Jay Edwards (R)*

District 95

Don Jones (R)*

District 96

Richard A. Olivito (D)
Ron Ferguson (R)
Oscar Herrera (L)

District 97

Alaina Swope (D)
Adam Holmes (R)*

District 98

Todd E. Beegle (D)
Brett Hudson Hillyer (R)*

District 99

Richard Dana (D)
Sarah Fowler Arthur (R)


Justices of The Supreme Court of Ohio

Democrat Jennifer Brunner defeated Republican incumbent Judi French, while Republican incumbent Sharon Kennedy won reelection to her seat. The Ohio Supreme Court will now be 4-3 Republican, a change from the current 5-2 Republican majority.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Full Term Commencing: 01/01/2021)

John P. O'Donnell (D)

Sharon L. Kennedy (R)*

Justice of the Supreme Court (Full Term Commencing: 01/02/2021)

Jennifer Brunner (D)

Judi French (R)*

* Denotes Incumbent

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