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Four Steps to Stop Unauthorized Online Sales of Your Products


Vorys attorneys and co-leaders of the online seller enforcement group, Whitney Gibson and Daren Garcia, authored an article for TotalRetail titled “Four Steps to Stop Unauthorized Online Sales of Your Products.”

The article states:

"As retailers are well aware, the rise of online marketplaces on which anyone can sell products with little to no up-front investment has led to an abundance of products marketed over the internet by unauthorized sellers at steeply discounted prices. These products are often diverted from a brand’s authorized distribution channels and cause considerable consumer confusion regarding their source and quality.

Because it is so easy for consumers to price compare online, they often buy products at the lowest price they find and don't realize when they're purchasing a diverted product from an unauthorized seller. The net effect is that consumers are often confused and angry with the inferior products they receive, causing damage to the brand’s good will.

To stop unauthorized online sales of their products, brands must adopt a comprehensive strategy."

To read the entire article, visit TotalRetail website.

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