Vorys UK opened its London office in September 2022.  The office was opened to support the continued growth of Vorys' internationally recognized eControl practice.

Vorys eControl – which launched in 2015 – helps brands control their channels in the age of eCommerce.  Leveraging law, data and technology, it pioneered an approach – critical in today’s eCommerce world – that allows brands to assert control over their online and offline distribution channels and to protect themselves from the unauthorized sale of their goods.

The London office is led by Daren Garcia, a Vorys eControl partner who has led the practice’s international expansion.  The London office allows the firm to better serve a growing number of clients that are in need of online sales control solutions within the United Kingdom and across Europe.

The London office is located in the Soho area, recognized as one of the main dining and entertainment districts in the capital since the 19th century.

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Rob Phillips

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Vorys UK
76 Wardour St.
Suite 301
London, UK W1F 0UR
  • Protect and Grow Brand Value
    By Controlling Online Sales

    Vorys eControl was founded on this vision: to provide effective, efficient and legally compliant solutions that allow companies to protect and grow their brand value by controlling sales in the age of eCommerce. Today, we represent nearly 1,000 brands, including several of the world’s largest companies. We regularly speak across the country educating companies and service providers regarding innovative solutions to the challenges involved in controlling sales across online and brick-and-mortar channels.

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