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Vorys Launches Initiative for Business Empowerment to Support Businesses Owned by Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Vorys today announced the launch of a new innovative program aimed at supporting businesses owned by racial and ethnic minorities.  The goal of the Vorys Initiative for Business Empowerment is to make legal services more accessible, thereby empowering minority entrepreneurs and driving positive change in the communities where Vorys has offices.

“Earlier this summer, the firm openly recommitted to working toward a more equitable and inclusive world, one in which we can all live and thrive together, both personally and professionally,” said Vorys Managing Partner Michael Martz. “By strategically collaborating and utilizing the tremendous talent, expertise, and resources at our firm, we can work to ensure that minority-owned businesses have fewer barriers and greater access to opportunities, including the highest quality legal services.”

The Vorys Initiative for Business Empowerment will be open to businesses owned by racial and ethnic minorities located in and around cities where Vorys has offices.  During engagement, Vorys will use the business’ size, needs, and revenue to determine the number of complimentary attorney hours it will provide to each client, with any such hours geared to foundational legal concepts needed to develop and grow these business. Businesses in all stages of their life cycle—emerging, small, midsize, and large—are welcome to apply for the program. Interested businesses must complete a short questionnaire to help the firm better understand their business and determine if it is appropriately positioned to assist.

“As attorneys, we have a duty to promote justice, fairness, and equality, and we have the collective expertise and resources to effect change in the communities where we live and work,” said Vorys attorney Janay Stevens who will lead the firm’s team spearheading this Initiative. “None of us got where we are alone, and this is one concrete way that our firm and our individual attorneys can support economic growth and opportunities for underrepresented business owners.” 

To learn more about the Vorys Initiative for Business Empowerment and/or to apply for the program, click here.

About Vorys: Vorys was established in 1909 and has grown to be one of the largest law firms with nearly 375 attorneys in seven offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; Houston, Texas; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Vorys currently ranks as one of the 200 largest law firms in the United States according to American Lawyer magazine.

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