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New Episode of Vorys IP Podcast Highlights Design Patents

In this episode of the Vorys IP Podcast, host Jeremy Harrison is joined by Adam Sherman, a partner in the Cincinnati office, and Jillian Sherman and Eugene Lyman from Visualize IP.  Adam first discusses how companies can leverage and protect design patents on eCommerce marketplaces.  Jillian and Eugene talk with Jeremy about the importance of conducting a proper design patent search before preparing and filing a design patent application.

Listen to this episode here.

All Vorys IP podcast episodes can be found at  Episodes can also be found on SoundCloudSpotifyApple Podcasts and Amazon Music.  New episodes will be added every other week for the duration of the 2022 season.  If you have suggestions for future topics or guests, please reach out to us on LinkedIn at Vorys Intellectual Property Updates or email Jeremy at

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