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Garcia included in Law360 Story Titled “Ohio Appeals Court Nixes Abercrombie Retaliation Suit”

Vorys Partner Daren Garcia was included in a Labor and Employment Law360 story titled “Ohio Appeals Court Nixes Abercrombie Retaliation Suit.”  The story outlines a decision by an Ohio Appeals Court which found that an Abercrombie & Fitch employee was not fired for reporting a superior’s inappropriate behavior but for trying to bill the company for personal trips. According to the story, the court agreed with arguments made by Garcia on behalf of Abercrombie.

The story states:

“‘The undisputed evidence in the record supports Abercrombie's assertion that it fired plaintiff due to its own unbiased reasons,’ Ohio Appellate Judge John A. Connor wrote on behalf of the court. ‘Specifically, plaintiff's continued attempts to have the company pay for his personal travel and his blatant dishonesty on company documents.’”

To read the entire story, please visit the Law360 website. (Subscription required).

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