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Garcia Quoted in Adweek Story Titled “Why Providing Contact Info Won’t Curb Bad Seller Behavior on Amazon”

Daren Garcia, a partner in the Vorys Cincinnati office and a member of the eControl team, was quoted in an Adweek story about an Amazon seller policy change.  According to the story, Amazon will now require its 461,000 active U.S. sellers to post contact information about themselves—like they already do in Europe, Japan and Mexico.

The story states:

“Daren Garcia, a partner on the eControl team at law firm Vorys, noted the information provided by sellers is only as useful as it is truthful and actionable.

‘If a seller has provided details and they’re fake, obviously that’s going to lead to a dead end,’ he said. ‘If a seller has used fairly sophisticated technology at obscuring identity or is using P.O. boxes, private mailboxes or multiple shell entities, it’s going to be very difficult for brands or even non-legal vendors to be able to uncover [contact information and serve them with enforcement paperwork or pursue legal proceedings].’”

The story also states:

“Garcia agreed by not requiring U.S. sellers to provide tax ID numbers, Amazon’s U.S. policy will fall ‘short of [the EU] in terms of its usefulness.’

The Amazon spokesperson did not comment on whether Amazon will require U.S. sellers to display their legal business names and addresses.”

To read the entire story on the Adweek website, click here. (Subscription may be required).  To read an analysis on this new Amazon policy from Vorys eControl, read this blog post.

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