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Garcia Included in Courthouse News Story Titled “Abercrombie Says Gap Poached Its Executive”

Daren Garcia, a partner in the litigation group, was included in a Courthouse News story titled “Abercrombie Says Gap Poached Its Executive.”  The story was about a complaint filed in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas that says a former Abercrombie marketing executive broke his noncompete agreement by taking on an identical job at Gap.  Garcia represents Abercrombie in the matter. 

The story states:

“Abercrombie says Brommers was in charge of marketing for all three of its brands: A&F, Hollister and Abercrombie Kids.

Part of his job involved "differentiating Abercrombie's brands and its products from those of its competitors like Gap," and Abercrombie says it had the VP sign a noncompete agreement in 2015 that explicitly prohibited him from working for 12 specifically identified competitors, including Gap, for 12 months post-employment.

Brommers had "intimate knowledge" of Abercrombie's long-range marketing plan, but the confidentiality of that work is now in jeopardy since Brommers plans ‘to take the head marketing role with the Gap brand located on the East Coast,’ according to the complaint.”

The story also states:

“Brommers' new job at Gap, set to begin this summer, is chief marketing officer.

The position ‘will be similar, if not identical’ to the position Brommers held at Abercrombie, where Brommers received ‘voluminous amounts of confidential business information; consumer and competitor research; and studies and other information concerning its own brand and the brands of its competitors, including Gap, in the specialty retail market,’ according to the complaint.

‘This information will provide an unfair and unlawful advantage to Gap if Brommers violates his [noncompete] agreement,’ the complaint continues.”

To read the entire story, visit the Courthouse News website.

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