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Cunning Featured in Shopper Marketing Story on the Use of Drones Titled "Preparing for Liftoff"

Jessica Knopp Cunning, an associate in the Vorys Akron office and member of the litigation group, was featured in a Shopper Marketing story on the potential use of drones for retail deliveries. The story also included some strategies that brands and retailers can use to prepare for the possibility of drone delivery.

The story states:

“She has written articles for publications on the issue of retailers using drones in a commercial airspace. She says by the end of this year, there will be a better idea on the future of drones.

The biggest current hurdle is a ‘line of sight requirement’ by the FAA, meaning a drone can only be flown if it is within the visual line of sight of the drone operator, ‘which would essentially prohibit retailers from being able to use drones for package deliveries.’  The retailer response is an on-board camera that allows an operator to see the drone while it’s flying to avoid obstacles and change flight course. The retail industry is hoping to change the FAA’s mind and permit ‘sense and avoid’ technology, she says.

Knopp Cunning highlights other obstacles outside the FAA like inclement weather, multi-story apartment buildings, homes near an airport, theft of packages and the drone itself, as well as the fact that a retailer could be sued for property damage or causing a car accident. Some insurance companies already offer drone liability coverage”

To read the entire article, visit the Shopper Marketing website.

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