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Billington Quoted in Akron Legal News Story Titled “Attorneys Advise on Crafting COVID-19 Vaccination Policies”

Chaz Billington, a partner in the Vorys Cleveland office and a member of the labor and employment group, was quoted through an Akron Legal News article about COVID-19 vaccination policies for workplaces.

The story states:

“While the new guidance is on the employer’s side, Billington said there are other important questions to consider before deciding whether to require workers to get vaccinated.

‘For example, how will a mandatory vaccination policy impact employee morale? Could it create employee relations issues? Is an employer prepared to terminate anyone, including an executive, who refuses to adhere to the policy without a legal justification, like an accommodation?

‘Any such policy would need to be uniform and making an exception for an executive could create legal problems for the employer,’ said Billington.

‘Businesses should also be prepared that a good chunk of the population might simply refuse a mandatory vaccination based on political or personal views,’ said Billington. ‘If a half of your workforce refuses to get vaccinated on personal grounds, which tracks with current public opinion on the vaccine, is the employer prepared to terminate that much of its workforce? I think not.’

‘Further, if an employer does implement a mandatory policy when can it logically begin? What if you mandate vaccinations at a certain date and they are not widely available?’”

To read the entire story on the Akron Legal News website, click here.

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