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New Era of Cybersecurity – When, Not If

Vorys attorneys Brent Craft, J.B. Lind, Jake Mahle and Eric Richardson presented at the Association of Corporate Counsel’s cybersecurity event on November 15, 2018. Each day, the threats to your company’s data and business increase.  Cybersecurity threats are ever-changing, and in addition to constant tests of IT infrastructure, businesses are now under siege based on human factors—through such tactics as phishing, malware and internal actors.  In the current environment, it is not a question of if a business will face a breach—it is a question of when it will happen, and how the business will react. The groups’ presentation covered the following topics:

  • Emerging cybersecurity threats
  • Preparations to reduce potential liability and costs associated with a breach
  • New breach notification and remediation laws
  • Recent cases addressing liability for a breach

To learn more about this annual program, click here.

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