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Development of the Utica Shale in Ohio: Regulation, Preservation of Rights and Competing Interests

Several Vorys attorneys presented at HalfMoon LLC’s Development of the Utica Shale in Ohio seminar on March 14.

Jon Airey spoke on the regulation of oil and gas under Ohio law.

Greg Russell presented, Dormant Mineral Act, and discussed the pre-1989 statute, the current statute and procedures.

Sheila Nolan Gartland and Lija Kaleps-Clark presented, General Leasing Issues/Terms, Titles and Tribulations.

John Keller discussed attacks on existing oil and gas leases and examined methods of resolving disputes.

Dave Hardymon presented, Coexistence of Oil/Gas Interests and Coal Interests, which discussed the objections to oil and gas drilling permits and administrative appeals. 

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