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Chicago eCommerce Summit

eCommerce continues to grow exponentially, significantly disrupting traditional go-to-market strategies and creating a new ecosystem for branded manufacturers. Online marketplace channels, in particular, present numerous potential points of failure, including: lost sales; brand value erosion; poor consumer experience; channel conflict; and disrupted distribution models across all channels. Companies of all types across virtually every product vertical find themselves grappling with these issues.

Business as usual is no longer a viable option for companies concerned about their long-term brand value in the Amazon age. The massive disruption of distribution strategies caused by the increasing shift to eCommerce is coming too quickly and the stakes are too high.  Online sales control is a critical predicate to profitable growth in today’s market.

In this session, Daren Garcia of Vorys eControl presented strategies for controlling online sales, helping stop unauthorized online sales, mitigating channel conflict between online and offline channels, profitably growing authorized eCommerce sales and protecting brand value through integrated eControl solutions leveraging law, data and technology components. 

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