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Channel Management in the Age of eCommerce

Commerce has been irrevocably transformed for branded manufacturers in the age of online marketplaces. Brands are plagued with countless unauthorized sellers that interfere significantly with crucial efforts to maximize sales and profitability, as well as the return on advertising, SEO and content enhancement investments. More often than not, the root cause of online marketplace pain points is the business practices of the brand itself, which feed a range of harms across all sales channels. This webinar features a discussion on how brands seeking to maximize their brand equity and commercial growth must develop a channel management strategy that accounts for the realities of online commerce and helps enable holistic channel control.

Discussion Topics:

  • Key aspects of channel strategy in the eCommerce age
  • Common pricing and promotional practices that can create significant brand harm
  • Internal quantification and sales control advocacy
  • Business strategies to protect and grow your sales and profits in today’s online marketplace environment

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