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Category Management Association (CMA) Webinar

Vorys Attorneys Kara Mundy and Ken Rubin presented a webinar at the Category Management Association (CMA) on August 23, 2019. The title of the webinar was, “When Category Management Becomes Collusion - An Antitrust Perspective on Downstream Pricing and Category Captains." There are no doubt market efficiencies created when a manufacturer manages the downstream pricing of its products.  But what happens when that manufacturer begins advising retailers on how to price and promote itself and its competition?  Anticompetitive conduct by “category captains” has the potential to result in violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act, either through collusion among manufacturers and retailers or through exclusion of category competitors.  This webinar explored the dos and don’ts of downstream pricing and the path from category management to collusion and exclusion.

To listen to the webinar click here.

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