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Akron Labor and Employment Law Conference

Vorys attorneys Tom Crookes, Jolie Havens, Meg Everett, Ashley Manfull and Stephanie Angeloni presented at the firm's annual labor and employment law seminar on November 9.

Social Media, Disparagement, Confidential Information, Oh My! What Can We Instruct Our Employees Not To Discuss?

This presentation discussed recent NLRB holdings and advisory opinions on employees’ Section 7 rights to engage in “concerted protected activity” and whether employers have the right to maintain policies restricting certain conversations between employees and third parties that may disparage the employer or disclose sensitive information.

Ashley Manfull
Ashley Manfull

Health Reform Is Constitutional: What It Means For Employers

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) applies to all employers, large and small, public and private, whether they provide employee health coverage or not. Havens and Angeloni provided a comprehensive overview of employer compliance issues raised under the PPACA with a focus on what employers need to do and when they need to do it.

Jolie Havens Stephanie Angeloni
Jolie Havens Stephanie Angeloni

Top 10 in 2012

This discussion outlined and answered questions concerning the ten most important labor and employment developments facing employers today. This covered changes in the law during 2012 and strategies for addressing these legal issues.

Thomas Crookes
Tom Crookes

Hot Topics in Ohio Workers' Comp

This presentation discussed the pros and cons of employees waiving their rights to potential workers' compensation claims, practical aspects of paying wages in lieu of temporary total disability, and light duty job offers, how and when to make one.

Margaret Dodane Everett
Meg Everett


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