Ohio Statehouse Update: Ohio General Assembly Concludes Work – Passes Flurry of Legislation in Lame Duck

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Members of the 130th Ohio General Assembly officially finished their business and headed home after the conclusion of a lengthy Ohio House floor session December 17. The hectic final days were notable both for the legislation that passed as well as for some high profile bills that did not pass. A recap of some of those from each category is provided below.

The time between the November election and the end of the two-year session is referred to as “Lame Duck,” and is usually characterized by a mad scramble of activity as members and interest groups make a final push to get their legislation passed.

The December 17 session also represented the last official act for Speaker Bill Batchelder (R-Medina) as he retires from the legislature due to term limits after 38 years of service in the Ohio House.

Bills that failed to pass both chambers before the session ended last week must be reintroduced in a future general assembly for consideration.  While not every initiative on the “to do” list for House and Senate legislative leaders made it through the gauntlet, a number of significant measures did make it to passage, including the following:

A Senate floor amendment regarding payments to cities and townships related to video lottery terminal facilities, however, did not make the final cut – it was line-item vetoed by Governor Kasich.

Additional legislative measures of interest that were passed by the General Assembly and sent to the governor during Lame Duck include the following:

A few significant legislative measures did not make it through to final passage for various reasons, and will likely re-emerge in some form early next year, either as stand-alone measures or as a part of the state biennial budget legislation.  These include the following:

On January 5, 2015 the 131st Ohio General Assembly two-year legislative session formally convenes.