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Client Alert: Oil and Gas Production Lending Guidance

With the boom in oil and gas production issues in Ohio, irrespective of the type, charter bank and thrift lenders can find a significant resource for safe and sound lending guidance in the newly issued addition to the Comptroller’s Handbook on “Oil and Gas Production Lending.”

The publication can be downloaded here and provides excellent safety and soundness direction as well as risk management tools for lending in this important and expanding field.

It also provides important key terms and a detailed explanation of industry activities, structures and issues that relate to oil and gas production lending activities.

While targeted specifically at national banks and federal thrifts, the guidance is extremely helpful for all lenders when learning more about the risks and rewards of oil and gas lending.

The publication may also be useful for participants in the oil and gas industry to understand how the banking industry will be viewing this type of lending, their concerns and issues, and what constraints bank regulators may impose.

Questions relating to oil and gas lending may be addressed to Jeff Smith (, Greg Russell (, Judith Marsh ( or Steve Browning (

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