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Cosmetics Containing CBD—How Regulated Should They Be?

Kim Beis authored an article for Nutrition Industry Executive titled “Cosmetics Containing CBD—How Regulated Should They Be?.” The article focused on the decision cosmetic makers must make regarding the inclusion cannabidiol (CBD) in their products.  It highlighted that there is lack of guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) on the inclusion of CBD in cosmetic products. State guidance on inclusion of CBD is also not consistent.

The article states:

“CBD has not been explicitly prohibited in cosmetic products by the FDA, and as noted, enforcement relating to CBD containing products has been focused on products being misbranded or adulterated due to claims of treating, preventing or curing a disease.

The FDA will deem a cosmetic misbranded if it is labeled in a false or misleading way, does not comply with labeling requirements, or is made or filled in a deceptive manner. This is true for all cosmetics, whether they contain CBD or not.

The FDA has not determined that a cosmetic containing CBD is automatically adulterated or misbranded – but the FDA does appear to be paying close attention to the CBD market. As such, it is increasingly important for companies marketing cosmetic products containing CBD to ensure their marketing claims are appropriate for a cosmetic product.”

To read the entire article on the Nutrition Industry Executive website, click here.

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