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Will New Laws Change Your Employee Handbook?

Texas Lawyer

Jackie Ford, a partner in the Vorys Houston office and a member of the labor and employment group, authored an article titled “Will New Laws Change Your Employee Handbook?” for Texas Lawyer.   

The article states:

“On Jan. 1, 2016, Texas became the 45th state to allow some form of open carry­ing of firearms. The Texas statute allows licensed handgun owners to openly carry their weapons in a wide variety of locations, including most workplaces. In addition to the "open carry" statute, Texas also enacted a ‘parking lot law,’ which permits employees to keep guns in locked private vehicles in parking lots, including the parking lot at their work­places. Unlike the open carry statute, the parking lot law has no "opt out" mecha­nism for employers. While the precise numbers of employers who have chosen to allow weapons in the workplace is unknown, it appears that at least some Texas workplaces are now welcoming guns with, as they say, open arms.

Whether they encourage their employees to bring firearms to work or would prefer that the employees' guns stay at home, however, all Texas employ­ers must comply with all applicable provisions of the state's bring-your-gun-to-work rules. In some cases, doing so can create tension between workplace violence prevention programs (which tend to discourage the presence of firearms) and compliance with Texas law.”

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