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When Talking Politics at the Office Can and Can’t Get You Fired

Jackie Ford, a partner in the Houston office, authored an op-ed for the Houston Chronicle titled “When Talking Politics at the Office Can and Can’t Get You Fired.”  The op-ed addressed some frequently asked questions about politics in the workplace.

The article states:

“As the great Texas humorist Molly Ivins once said, ‘Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas — finest form of free entertainment ever invented.’

Unfortunately, many of us don’t find political discussions all that entertaining anymore. We keep it to a minimum when we can, including with our co-workers. Meanwhile, some employers would prefer that their employees avoid political topics altogether. While attempting to ban all political speech is likely a fool’s errand, concerned employers do have the right to set some basic standards for content and civility.”

To read the whole article on the Houston Chronicle website, click here.

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