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The following article was featured in the January 2015 edition of Legacy, the Vorys newsletter focused on wealth planning.


We hope you and your family enjoyed a happy holiday season.  We’re writing to introduce you to a new e-newsletter we will begin publishing next week.  We’re calling it: Legacy: A Vorys newsletter focused on wealth planning.  The name represents our primary intent at Vorys: ensuring you are taking the steps necessary to protect your family and your legacy.  The estate planning decisions that you make during your lifetime leave a long-lasting effect on the people and causes that are most important to you, and we embrace being with you every step of the way.  The purpose of the publication is to make you – our clients and friends – aware of topics and issues we feel could impact you and your family’s wealth planning and the important decision you choose to make.  We are confident that you will find the content important and informative.  The laws and regulations that govern estate and tax law have changed considerably, and some of those changes can have a significant and lasting impact on your estate. 

Vorys trust and estate lawyers provide counsel on all aspects of the transfer and preservation of wealth.  We plan and prepare for the future transfer of wealth, we carry out and administer our clients’ intentions as set forth in their written estate plans, and, when necessary, we represent our clients in litigation to preserve and protect their interests. Each client’s situation is unique, so it is not surprising that each client has different goals and objectives.  Our lawyers are highly specialized and have the knowledge and experience necessary to identify and fulfill the individual needs of each client. Read more about the group by clicking here.

If you have an idea for a newsletter topic you would like us to pursue, we’re all ears.  Please contact your Vorys attorney and share it with them.  Otherwise, be on the lookout for the first edition sometime next week.  If you would like others to receive the newsletter, contact your Vorys attorney or have them complete this form and select Legacy. 

Our Trusts and Estates Team:

Vic Ferguson Dave Groenke Emily Pan
Victor J. Ferguson David A. Groenke Emily S. Pan
Ron Rowland Mike Schwartz Pete Seale
Ronald L. Rowland Michael G. Schwartz Robert A. "Pete" Seale
Dave Swift Mark Vannatta Colleen Laux
David A. Swift  Mark A. Vannatta Colleen B. Laux
Maria Moyer Mark Noel Rich Seils
Maria K. Moyer Mark A. Noel Richard M. Seils, Jr.

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