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Texas Senate Passes Bill Easing Restrictions on Telemedicine

Jonathan Ishee and Nita Garg, health care attorneys in the Vorys Houston office, co-authored an article for the Houston Business Journal’s website titled “Texas Senate Passes Bill Easing Restrictions on Telemedicine.”

The article states:

Telemedicine in Texas involves licensed health care professionals (physicians, and physician assistants or advanced practice nurses properly supervised by, and with delegated authority from, a physician) providing medical care to patients physically located at sites other than where the professional is located by use of technology that allows the professional to communicate with and see and hear the patients in ‘real’ time.

Telemedicine services have been growing rapidly in the United States in part because it can significantly reduce the cost of health care by reducing travel times, staffing and overhead requirements. Additionally, many employers have started to integrate telemedicine services into their benefit plan to increase employee choice and reduce plan costs.”

To read the entire article, visit the Houston Business Journal website.

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