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Smart Phones, Dumb Choices: Five Dangerous Trends of Student Cell Phone Use

eSchool News

Whitney Gibson, a partner in the Vorys Cincinnati office and the leader of the firm’s internet defamation practice, authored an article for eSchool News about social media usage and teens.  The article, which was titled “Smart phones, dumb choices: Five dangerous trends of student cell phone use,” highlighted ways that teens can get into trouble while using cell phones including: cyberbullying, sexting and privacy issues.

The article states:

“Teens may be breaking the law using their smart phones without even realizing it.  While an arrest for possessing or distributing child pornography is an extreme case, it serves to illustrate that a lapse in judgment – theoretically as easy as sharing a photo or making a social media post – can have serious long-term consequences.

While it may be difficult for parents and school administrators to monitor cell phone or Internet activity, it is important to make teens aware of the consequences of their actions. The last thing educators want to see is one of their students hurt or taken away in handcuffs.”

To read the entire article, visit the eSchool News website.

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