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Mentoring Essential to Maintaining a Diverse Team

CBA Today

Vorys Partner Fred Ransier authored an article for the September 30, 2016 edition of the Columbus Bar Association's CBA Today. The article is titled "Mentoring Essential to Maintaining a Diverse Team."

The article states:

"The legal profession lags most other professions in its struggle to become more diverse and inclusive. Clients expect to see diverse legal teams working on their matters, placing enormous pressure upon law firms to increase the numbers of diverse attorneys in their firm.

At Vorys, Columbus’ largest law firm and one of the first Ohio-based firms to hire women and African-American attorneys, we’ve placed a heavy emphasis on mentoring and team work. We recognize mentoring is necessary for the success of all lawyers and each of us play an essential role. We pay particular attention to make sure diverse and underrepresented attorneys have meaningful opportunities to contribute in the delivery to legal services to clients. Clients expect this and the firm benefits from the quality of services diverse talent offers."

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