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Ohio Statehouse Update: Ohio Election Summary 2012


President/Vice President of the United States

In a close race (50% - 48%), President Barack Obama (D) won a hard-fought re-election bid to earn a second term as President of the United States.  Once again, Ohio was a key battleground state.  For months, and with increasing fervor within the past few weeks, Ohioans were barraged with ads from the candidates and independent groups.  One of the major factors in Obama’s victory was the auto industry bailout, which had a large impact on Ohio jobs.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D)*

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (R)

U.S. Senator

Incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown handily defeated Republican challenger Josh Mandel despite an enormous amount of money spent on advertising intended to defeat Senator Brown, primarily from national independent groups.  This was one of the most expensive and hard-fought races in the country.  Surprisingly, third party candidate Scott Rupert garnered 5% of the vote in Ohio.  Mr. Mandel will continue to serve as Ohio's State Treasurer.

Sherrod Brown (D)*

Josh Mandel (R)

Scott A. Rupert (Independent)

U.S. House of Representatives (all 16 Districts)

All 16 of Ohio’s newly configured U.S. House seats were up for election, and Republicans maintained a solid majority, winning 12 seats to 4 for Democrats. Ohio favorite son, John Boehner, will likely remain Speaker in the new Congress. 

District 1

Jeff Sinnard (D)

Steve Chabot (R)*

Rich Stevenson (Green)

Jim Berns (Libertarian)

District 2

William R. Smith (D)
Brad Wenstrup (R)

District 3

Joyce Beatty (D)

Chris Long (R)

Bob Fitrakis (Green)

Richard Ehrbar (Libertarian)

District 4

Jim Slone (D)

Jim Jordan (R)*

Chris Kalla (Libertarian)

District 5

Angela Zimmann (D)

Bob Latta (R)*

Eric Eberly (Libertarian)

District 6

Charlie Wilson (D)

Bill Johnson (R) *

District 7

Joyce R. Healy-Abrams (D)

Bob Gibbs (R)

District 8

John A. Boehner (R)

District 9

Marcy Kaptur (D)*

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (R)

Sean P. Stipe (Libertarian)

District 10

Sharen Swartz Neuhardt (D)

Mike Turner (R)

David A. Harlow (Libertarian)

District 11

Marcia L. Fudge (D) *

District 12

Jim Reese (D)

Pat Tiberi (R) *

District 13

Tim Ryan (D)

Marisha G. Agana (R)

District 14

Dale Virgil Blanchard (D)

David P. Joyce (R)

Elaine R. Mastromatteo (Green)

David Macko (Libertarian)

District 15

Pat Lang (D)

Steve Stivers (R) *

District 16

Betty Sutton (D)

Jim Renacci (R)*

Ohio Senate (18 Districts) 

The Ohio Senate will remain status quo, with Republicans holding on to their current 23-10 majority.  All incumbents earned the right to continue representing their districts.  Perhaps most notable is Democrat Senator Lou Gentile's win, overcoming large sums spent trying to defeat him.

District 1 (Unexpired term)

Cliff Hite (R)

District 2

Jeff Bretz (D)

Randy Gardner (R)

District 4

Bill Coley (R) *

District 6

Rick McKiddy (D)

Peggy Lehner (R) *

District 8

Richard G. Luken (D)

William J. Seitz (R) *

District 10

Jeff D. Robertson (D)

Chris Widener (R) *

District 12

Keith Faber (R)*

Paul D. Hinds (Libertarian)

District 14

Joe Uecker (R)

District 16

Jim Hughes (R) *District 18

Jim Mueller (D)

John J. Eklund (R) *

District 17 (Unexpired term)

Bob Peterson (R)

District 18

Jim Mueller (D)

John J. Eklund (R) *

District 20

Teresa M. Scarmack (D)

Troy Balderson (R) *

District 22
James E. Riley (D)

Larry J. Obhof Jr. (R) *

District 24

Jennifer Brady (D)

Thomas F. Patton (R) *

District 26

Tanyce J. Addison (D)

Dave Burke (R) *

District 28

Thomas C. Sawyer (D)*

Robert Gregory Roush (R)

District 30

Lou Gentile (D)*

Shane Thompson (R)

District 32

Capri S. Cafaro (D) *

Nancy McArthur (R) 


Ohio House of Representatives (all 99 Districts)

Despite newly configured districts resulting in an abnormally high number of open seats, the makeup of the Ohio House will be largely unchanged in the new General Assembly. At the time of this report, Republicans look to increase their majority to 60-39, although three races may be subject to recount (Districts 5, 7 and 98).  Representative Bill Batchelder will remain Speaker of the Ohio House.

District 1

John Maglio (D)

Ron Amstutz (R)

District 2

Ellen K. Haring (D)

Mark J. Romanchuk (R)

District 3

Kelly Wicks (D)

Tim W. Brown (R)

Nathan Eberly (Libertarian)

District 4

Robert Huenke (D)

Matt Huffman (R) *

District 5

Nick Barborak (D)

Craig E. Newbold (R)

District 6

Anthony Fossaceca (D)

Marlene Anielski (R)

District 7

Matt Patten (D)

Mike Dovilla (R)

District 8

Armond D. Budish (D)*

Tony Hocevar (R)

District 9

Barbara H. Boyd (D) *

District 10

Bill Patmon (D) *

District 11

Sandra Williams (D) *

District 12

John E. Barnes Jr. (D) *

District 13

Nickie J. Antonio (D)*

John Zappala (R)

District 14

Mike Foley (D)*

Richard J. Cyngier (R)

District 15

Nicholas J. Celebrezze (D) *

Patricia Gascoyne (R)

District 16

Andrew A. Meyer (D)

Nan A. Baker (R) *

District 17

Mike Curtin (D)

Nicholas A. Szabo (R)

District 18

Michael Stinziano (D)

Bill Colgan (R)

District 19

Ryan P. Jolley (D)

Anne Gonzales (R) *

District 20

Heather Bishoff (D)

Nathan Burd (R)

District 21

Donna O'Connor (D)

Mike Duffey (R) *

District 22

John Patrick Carney (D)*

Andy Hall (R)

District 23

Traci Johnson (D)

Cheryl L. Grossman (R) *

District 24

Maureen L. Reedy (D)

Stephanie Kunze (R)

District 25

Kevin L. Boyce (D)

Seth B. Golding (R)

District 26

Tracy M. Heard (D)*

Joseph A. Healy (R)

District 27

Nathan Wissman (D)

Peter Stautberg (R)

District 28

Connie Pillich (D)*

Mike Wilson (R)

Robert R. Ryan (Libertarian)

District 29

Hubert E. Brown (D)

Louis W. Blessing III (R) *

District 30

Steven L. Newsome (D)

Lou Terhar (R) *

District 31

Denise Driehaus (D)*

Michael Gabbard (R)

District 32

Dale Mallory (D)*

Ron Mosby (R)

District 33

Alicia Reece (D)*

Tom Bryan (R)

District 34

Vernon Sykes (D)

Ronya Jeanette Habash (R)

District 35

Zack Milkovich (D)

Kevin G. Mitchell (R)

District 36

Paul V. Colavecchio (D)

Anthony DeVitis (R)

District 37

Tom Schmida (D)

Kristina Daley Roegner (R)

District 38

Michael J. Kaplan (D)

Marilyn Slaby (R)

District 39

Fred Strahorn (D)

Jeffrey L. Wellbaum (R)

District 40

Carl Fisher (D)

Michael E. Henne (R)

District 41

Caroline Gentry (D)

Jim Butler (R)

District 42

Aaron Buczkowski (D)

Terry Blair (R)

District 43

Roland Winburn (D)

Joyce Marie Deitering (R)

District 44

Michael Ashford (D)

District 45

Teresa Fedor (D)

District 46

Matthew A. Szollosi (D)

Dave Kissinger (R)

District 47

Jeff Bunck (D)

Barbara R. Sears (R)

District 48

Amanda Trump (D)

Kirk Schuring (R)

John M. Deagan (Libertarian)

District 49

Stephen D. Slesnick (D)

Monique Moore (R)

District 50

Sue Ryan (D)

Christina M. Hagan (R) *

District 51

Mark N. Hardig (D)

Wes Retherford (R)

District 52

Branden Rudie (D)

Margaret Conditt (R)

Robert C. Coogan (Libertarian)

District 53

Suzi Rubin (D)

Timothy Derickson (R)*

District 54

Peter Beck (R)

District 55

Matthew R. Lundy (D)

Rae Lynn Brady (R)

District 56

Daniel Raul Ramos (D)*

District 57

Matthew T. Lark (D)

Terry R. Boose (R)

Robert F. Sherwin (Libertarian)

District 58

Robert F. Hagan (D)

District 59

Ronald V. Gerberry (D)*

Kimberly Poma (R)

District 60

John M. Rogers (D)

Lori Dinallo (R)

District 61

Susan McGuinness (D)

Ron Young (R)

District 62

Mike Kassalen (D)

Ron Maag (R)

District 63

Sean J. O'Brien (D)

Pat Paridon (R)

District 64

Tom Letson (D)*

Randy Law (R)

District 65

Steve Myers (D)

John Becker (R)

District 66

Ken P. McNeely Jr. (D)

Doug Green (R)

District 67

David Hogan (D)

Andrew O. Brenner (R)

District 68

John T. Ryerson (D)

Margaret Ann Ruhl (R)

District 69

Judith A. Cross (D)

William G. Batchelder (R)*

District 70

Steve Johnson (D)

Dave Hall (R)

District 71

Brady Jones (D)

Jay Hottinger (R)*

District 72

David H. Dilly (D)

Bill Hayes (R)

District 73

Bill Conner (D)

Rick G. Perales (R)

District 74

Steve W. Key (D)

Robert D. Hackett (R)

District 75

Kathleen Clyde (D)

Nick Skeriotis (R)

District 76

Tom Warren (D)

Matt Lynch (R)

District 77

Kelly Bryant (D)

Gerald L. Stebelton (R)

District 78

Jeremy A. VanMeter (D)

Ron Hood (R)

District 79

David D. Herier (D)

Ross W. McGregor (R)

District 80

Dave W. Fisher (D)

Richard N. Adams (R)

District 81

John H. Vanover (D)

Lynn R. Wachtmann (R)

District 82

Tony Burkley (R)

Pete E. Schlegel (Independent)

District 83

John Francis Kostyo (D)

Robert Cole Sprague (R)

District 84

Ronald L. Hammons (D)

Jim Buchy (R)

District 85

John Adams (R)

District 86

Cheryl A. Johncox (D)

Dorothy K. Pelanda (R)

District 87

Jeffrey Lehart (D)

Jeff A. McClain (R)

District 88

Bill Young (D)

Rex Arthur Damschroder (R)

District 89

Chris Redfern (D)

Donald J. Janik (R)

District 90

John R. Haas (D)

Terry A. Johnson (R)

District 91

Peter Pence (D)

Cliff Rosenberger (R)

District 92

Robert P. Armstrong (D)

Gary Scherer (R)

District 93

Josh Bailey (D)

Ryan Smith (R)

District 94

Debbie Phillips (D)

Charles Richter (R)

District 95

Charlie Daniels (D)

Andy Thompson (R)

District 96

Jack Cera (D)

District 97

Frank Fleischer (D)

Brian D. Hill (R)

District 98

Joshua E. O'Farrell (D)

Al Landis (R)

District 99

John Patterson (D)

Casey Kozlowski (R)*


Justices of the Supreme Court of Ohio

Incumbent Republican Terrence O'Donnell won re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court.  Incumbents, Democrat Yvette McGee Brown and Republican Robert Cupp, were defeated.  The composition of the Court will remain the same with Republican Justices holding a 6-1 majority.

Statewide (Full Term Commencing 01/01/2013)

Terrence O'Donnell*

Michael J. Skindell

Statewide (Full Term Commencing 01/02/2013)

Robert R. Cupp*

William M. O'Neill

Statewide (Unexpired Term Ending 12/31/2014)

Yvette McGee Brown*

Sharon L. Kennedy

Statewide Issues

Both statewide issues on the ballot in this year’s election were defeated by resounding margins.  Issue 1, the question of whether to hold a constitutional convention was defeated by a margin of 68% - 32%; Issue 2, the proposal to change Ohio’s process for drawing legislative districts, was defeated by a 63% - 37% margin. The district-drawing process as well as other potential changes to the Ohio Constitution will be reviewed closely by the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, a non-partisan panel that has been tasked with a comprehensive review of the Constitution, beginning next year.

Issue 1

Shall there be a convention to revise, alter, or amend the Ohio Constitution?



Issue 2

Shall the state create a state-funded commission to draw legislative and congressional districts?



* Denotes Incumbent

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