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Client Alert: E-Verify Compliance Pushed Again to September 8, 2009

E-Verify – What is it?  By Executive Order 13465, the President has directed the Department of Homeland Security to implement a new electronic employment verification system (coined “E-Verify”).  In short, E-Verify is a government database developed to help identify illegal aliens in the U.S. workforce.  E‑Verify represents a new compliance requirement for government contractors and their employees (the “E-Verify Rule”).  The E-Verify Rule is applicable to contractors by operation on FAR Clause 52.222‑54, entitled “Employment Eligibility Verification.”  The E-Verify Rule was supposed to take effect on June 30, 2009.  The Government has extended the effective date now to September 8, 2009. 

Click on the link below to download the June 30, 2009 Client Alert which discusses this compliance.

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