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How Organizations Should Handle False, Defamatory Reddit Posts

PR Daily

Whitney Gibson, a partner in the Vorys Cincinnati office and the leader of the internet defamation group, authored an article titled “How Organizations Should Handle False, Defamatory Reddit Posts” for PR Daily.  According to the article, Reddit, self-branded as “a source for what’s new and popular on the Web,” rarely removes defamatory content. Rather, Reddit recommends that a defamed party post the correct information on Reddit to counteract any false information.

The article states:

“If the post is completely false, it does make sense to set the record straight. If it is more of a customer complaint, the best practice often involves demonstrating the appropriate level of sympathy, politely addressing the issue raised, and perhaps asking the poster to call the business to address the complaint. Many businesses respond directly to negative criticism online and on social media to demonstrate they value feedback/criticism and, overall, their customers.

There are websites out there that allow brand managers and others to purchase Reddit votes, but you should avoid them. For one thing, purchasing or having others (e.g. friends, family, and employees) influence voting is akin to paying for or posting fake reviews, which has been subject to significant fines and, in some instances, can violate the federal Lanham Act. Moreover, manipulating votes violates the rules of Reddit, which can lead to a ban from the website and bad publicity.”

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