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How Companies Can Fight Online Reputation and Brand Attacks

Columbus C.E.O.

Whitney Gibson, the head of the Vorys internet defamation practice, authored an article for Columbus C.E.O. magazine on the importance of online reputations in the digital age. 

The article states:

"While it may seem too difficult and time consuming to search countless review websites, it is vital for CEOs to be proactive. The best way to do this is to monitor what is being said about the company online. Too often when companies ignore a defamatory review, the victim’s options become limited. This can happen for two reasons. Either the Internet service provider can no longer access the relevant personal identifying information or the statute of limitations has expired.

If a false review or defamatory website pops up during monitoring, there are things that companies can do to remedy the situation. Solutions are fact-dependent and may require input from a multidisciplinary team of legal, cyber investigation and public relations professionals."

To read the entire article, visit the Columbus C.E.O. website.

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