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5 Things to Consider When Naming a Brand

PR Daily

Tanya Curcio, an associate in the Vorys Washington, D.C. office and a member of the intellectual property, media and entertainment group, authored an article for PR Daily titled “5 Things to Consider When Naming a Brand.”  The article provides readers with five considerations, beyond the practical marketing concerns, that communications professionals should contemplate when selecting the name for a new brand.

The article states:

“PR professionals play a powerful role in promoting and cultivating brands for clients, as well as for their own organizations. Assisting with the selection of a brand name for a new product or service is an important aspect of that role. The team must choose a name that balances the right message and image to attract target consumers, while simultaneously informing those consumers of the benefits.

 Many PR pros forget that there is more to selecting a brand name than the words you choose, the graphics you use and how the brand makes the consumer feel. There are multiple legal considerations that also need be addressed, or they could haunt your company or client later.

 It can be easy to overlook that brands are valuable assets and protected property under trademark law. While registration of a trademark provides additional advantages, trademark rights are established through use. Trademarks are the public face of a product and hold the reputation of the organization. Thus, it is important to select the strongest trademarks to lay a strong foundation for a long-term asset.”

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