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Stratton in The Cincinnati Enquirer Regarding Jail and Mental Health

Eve Stratton, of counsel in the Vorys Columbus office, was recently featured in a portion of The Cincinnati Enquirer.  The article is titled "Ohio's jails have long been de facto mental hospitals.  Now they look like them" and explores the challenges and debates surrounding the role of jails in addressing addiction and mental health issues in Ohio.

The story states: 

"While serving on the Ohio Supreme Court, Evelyn Lundberg Stratton used the bully pulpit to focus on people with mental illness caught in the criminal justice system. Eventually, she left the bench early to focus on the issues full-time as the director of the Stepping Up Initiative in Ohio.

Stratton said the state now provides funding to county jails for medication assisted treatment and reimbursement for psychotropic drugs, which are often very expensive.

Ohio should also apply for a federal waiver to allow for Medicaid coverage of people while they are in jails or prisons − that could shift costs off the counties and onto the federal government, Stratton said. Ten states have already applied; Ohio is not one of them."

To read the full story, click here.

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