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Whelihan Featured in Law360 Story Titled “Vorys Adds Professional Liability Pro From Jordan Coyne”

Debbie Whelihan, a partner in the Vorys Washington, D.C. office, was recently profiled in Law360.  The article, which was about her move to Vorys, highlighted her years and legal practice and her experience.

The article states:

“Before making the move, Whelihan worked with Jordan Coyne for nearly 35 years.

‘I really never thought about leaving my old firm,’ said Whelihan. ‘But Vorys was such a good opportunity, and it provided me with such different resources than I had that it was sort of a natural fit.’

As far as what first made her interested in the law, Whelihan said she was heavily influenced by her grandfather, Alan H. Murrell, a criminal trial attorney and the first public defender of the state of Maryland.

‘I basically decided that I was going to be a lawyer probably before I was in kindergarten because of my grandfather,’ said Whelihan. ‘Because my grandfather was such a well-respected lawyer in Maryland, when I first started practicing in Maryland, it paved the way for me because I had as mentors people that he had mentored.’

Moving forward, Whelihan told Law360 that she would like to make a valuable contribution to Vorys with the work she has brought along with her and the work her clients will send to the firm.”

Read the entire article on the Law360 website. (Subscription may be required).

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