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Watkins Quoted in Paint & Coatings Magazine Story about Outsourcing Portions of Manufacturing

Mark Watkins, a partner in the Vorys Akron office, was quoted in a Paint & Coatings Magazine story titled “Outsourcing Your Manufacturing? 10 Questions to Ask First.”

The story states:

“Not all NDAs are created equal and they can be difficult to understand. The best NDAs are ‘two-way’ NDAs that fully protect both companies. Either the coatings marketer or the contract manufacturer can produce the NDA, which is a key document to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for the long haul. According to Mark. A Watkins, Esq., Partner with Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP in Akron, Ohio, the NDA should define its purpose or subject matter as well as define how confidential information is exchanged (either unilaterally from the disclosing party to the receiving party or mutually between both parties) and whether that exchange is written, verbal or visual. Be clear in the NDA about who will own any new inventions that might result from the exchange of confidential information as well as any non-compete requirements. NDAs must be signed by authorized company representatives for it be legally binding.”

To read the entire article on the Paint & Coatings Magazine website, click here.

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