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Vorys partner Webb Vorys featured in Forbes Article on Entrepreneurship

Webb Vorys, a partner in the firm’s Columbus office, was included in a Forbes article about a new series sponsored by the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network of Ohio (DEN Ohio) called Entrepreneurial Anywhere.  

According to the article,  the series focuses on the idea that entrepreneurial skills can be both taught and learned.  Vorys was a speaker at DEN Ohio’s first Entrepreneurial Anywhere event.  The article, which was a Q & A with event organizer Catalina Gorla states:

“We invited two speakers to talk about how they’ve been entrepreneurial: one was the team from Watershed Distillery and the other was a successful lawyer, Webb Vorys. And that’s when the magic happened: there were all these high-energy, curious people in the room and they started making connections. Webb had distilled his story into five entrepreneurial principles he considered most valuable; as he discussed each one, he’d throw it back to the Watershed founders and ask them how the principle played out in the formation of their company.”  

To read the entire article, visit the Forbes website.

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